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From an average property to wealthy

Chapter 1
Net Worth

Dear reader,

Today I gonna make a start which will change my life.

The intention is that I regularly monitor my progress regarding my net worth that I am going to build up.
I wrote: I’M GOING to build up and I did’t wrote: ‘I MAYBE’ OR ‘HOPEFULLY’ build up; no, I say ‘GOING’, which means I WILL, because I’m convinced I’m going to make it.
Why am I so sure?
We’ll talk about that later in the next post.


Net worth indicates how much a person is worth in money.
This fact can be interesting to you if, for whatever reason, you want to increase your net worth.

You are reading this because you are interested in the same interst I have.
You want to increase your net worth. Worth a compliment in itself!
We therefore start to calculate what your net worth currently is


Very simple actually.
First thing you need to do is making a list.
Write down the next steps

Step 1. View your debts such as:
Personal loans
credit card debt
other debts

Step 2. View your belongings
Your cash. (Also, savings accounts)
Personal property such as jewelry, antiques, and other valuable items.
Equity investments in real estate*
Your house.
*The up to date value of your real estate (house) without the mortgage.

Step 3 The calculation
Subtract 1 from 2
Now you know your net worth!!


Once done, you always can objectively track your progress.
Seeing your progress increases your motivation to achieve a possible goal.
You will notice that your financial insight also changes, which can influence your lifestyle in a favorable way.

€ 1350 = US$ 1,523

Not a huge amount, but not negative, so I don’t need to borrow to support my primary living.
Don’t worry if your net worth is negative!
Money is certainly not the only resource that gives value to your life, but it is a truth that it can definitely improve your life without a doubt.


That is a good question!!
I will elaborate on this in the Chapter: FOUNDATION
If you want to take a look now, check out HERE.

Please feel free to comment or criticize Chapter 1 below.
I’ll answer for sure.

Chapter 2

So, we want to build up our net assets.

But how are we going to do that. What resources are available to us that we can use without spending money, but instead start earning money.

There is one method that is undoubtedly among the very best and that is: AFILLIATE MARKETING.


First, what is an affiliate?

In internet terms is an Afilliate an owner of a website who offers goods from companies on his site. As soon as something is sold, the Afilliate/website owner receives a commission.

What is Marketing

Marketing is all the activities that the owner of a website carries out to promote the sale of products or services.

Why is AFFILIATE MARKETING the best method?

Some main points

  1. Need little or no money to get started.
  2. No special professional knowledge necessary.
  3. Wide range of companies that offer products.
  4. Billions of easily accessible potential buyers.

How do we enable Affiliate Marketing??

As with anything that is built from scratch, we need a base or rather a foundation. There are different types of foundations. Each type of foundation is designed for what will be built on it.

As we are going to accumulate our wealth using the internet, we are going to use resources to build a foundation that that medium makes available to us.

The widely used internet foundation is a so-called INTERNET SITE, better known as WEBSITE.

As we have read above, that is exactly what we need.

What is a WEBSITE?

A website is a collection of web pages that display the content of the website through a web server that is continuously connected to the Internet.

In this way anyone anywhere in the world who has a connection to the internet can read these pages, but often also can take action on HYPERLINKS that contains as an example our advertisement.

To identify a website, the website needs a name. This name is referred to as a DOMAIN NAME.

All pages of the website contain the domain name plus the name of the page (URL) to make it easier to search for a particular page or product on the site.

How do we create a WEBSITE?

These days, creating a website is easy and possible for everyone.

Even if you are completely unfamiliar with the internet and its associated possibilities such as building a website, as long as you follow the instructions you will come to astonishing results.

However, the most important part of building a website is choosing the right name. This allows you to distinguish between billions of other domain names.

Don’t forget when you create a website

  1. The website is yours alone, no one else can add, change, or remove anything without your permission.
  2. If you don’t delete the website yourself, you have the website for life.
    One day you will realize that in this fact lies your accumulating wealth!!!!!

Partly because of the points 1 and 2 mentioned above, it is extremely important to choose a good name.

Fortunately, you soon will discover there is an extensively help to make the right choice

Here are some guidelines now. to give you an indication what you can use to create a good Domain name.


a. What are my hobbies
b. In wat are interested in (playing football, chess, reading, etc.)
c. What your favoured food/drinks (Chocolate, a nice beer, etc.)
d. Your profession/company
e. Anything what comes up

Make sure there are no spaces between the words in the domain name!


Yes indeed, there is an opportunity to get rich starting a website FOR FREE!
Click the red link below and you will have a website within 1 minute.
Once you’re there, you won’t need my help anymore.
There are literally thousands out there who will assist you with advice and assistance.
You will receive your answers within a minute, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
You enter an environment that has existed since 2005 and currently has 2.4 million active members worldwide.
There is much more to tell, but better if you go and see for yourself.


Please feel free to comment or criticize Chapter 1, 2 below.
Good luck!!

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